Property Tax - The following will help lower your property tax liability.


Have you ever taken a look at your tax card at the county assessor's office? You might find some interesting things about the assessment of your property. In a home, the assessor may include a room as a bedroom, but in all reality, you cannot fit a bed in the room. You can also see if they listed any improvements or structure damages. If you see any information on the tax card that does not appear correct, talk to the assessor and have the corrections made.


Thinking of getting an in-ground pool or building a deck for cook outs, or maybe even expanding garage? Any permanent structure that you build on your property will increase your property tax liability. Consider a nice above ground pool, a backyard barbeque area and forget about expanding the garage. This will help keep your assessment value lower.


Upgrades. Although assessors do follow a set of guidelines for assessing your property. You may find yourself with a higher assessment if your property is upgraded. 


Know the neighborhood - viewing similar properties just like your property may show you some inaccuracies as far as assessed values. If you find a property exactly like your property, except it has a larger garage, newer windows, a shed or even a deck and it is valued lower than your property which has none of these things, you might consider calling this to the assessor's attention. They can and do make entry mistakes as well as observation mistakes. 


Also, If you have done no repairs and feel the interior of the property is a bit to be desired, you may wish to invite the assessor inside. When the assessor arrives make yourself available to walk around your property together and point out the bowed walls because the roof needs to be replaced. Point out the unleveled floor because the property has shifted a bit over the years and probably needs some support beams. This and other things about the property might help to lower your assessment, thus lower your property tax liability.


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